Integron was founded in 2005 by Steven J. Negrón, a former Minuteman missile launch officer and program manager for the United States Air Force. His vision was to start a company that would embody his core beliefs of integrity, excellence, and service to the customer, providing extraordinary value to our partners and the end-user.

Our value proposition is built on these core beliefs and on a management team that has over seventy years of combined operational military, program and acquisition management, and high-level engineering experience working for the war fighter.

Steven J. Negrón, President and CEO
David Petrillo, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer
Robert S. Gee, Vice President, Engineering

The advantages of working with Integron include:

  • access to a broad array of engineering expertise that is cost effective, flexible, and
  • superior program and acquisition management capabilities with intimate knowledge
    of all Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements and procedures;
  • the ability to help prime contractors meet their socio-economic goals.

"I am so committed to these standards at Integron, that I put my name on it."

                                                                        Steven J. Negrón
                                                                        President and CEO