Dave Petrillo is the Chief Operating Officer at Integron, LLC. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. He retired from the Air Force in September 2003 after 21 years of service. Prior to retirement he served as the Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies at Air Force ROTC Detachment 490, located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey (NJIT). The detachment included cadets from twelve other area colleges and universities, and ensured that cadets received necessary academic and military training and leadership opportunities needed to prepare them to enter the Air Force as commissioned officers.

Dave received a BA in Government and International Relations from the University of Notre Dame in 1982. He was commission through Air Force ROTC and began his military career as a missile launch officer working with both Minuteman II and Ground Launched Cruise Missiles. As a Minuteman missile combat crewmember, he served in the standardization and evaluation branch and was a member of the 1985 Olympic Arena Missile Competition Team. Later, he was assigned to the 485th Tactical Missile Wing in Florennes, Belgium.

In 1988, he transitioned into the contracting and acquisition-management career field and was selected for the "Education with Industry" program. He spent nine months working at the Grumman Corporation in Bethpage, New York. From there he was assigned to the Defense Plant Representative Office at Eaton-AIL Corporation in Deer Park, New York. There he was a price analyst, negotiator, and contract administrator for defensive avionics contracts for the B-1 Bomber, the EF-111, and the Navy's EA-6B.

After receiving a master's degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology in acquisition and contract management in 1992, he became a buyer of research and development for Wright Laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and later the chief of the weapons systems contracting branch for the Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile.

In 1995 he was selected by the Air Force to receive a doctorate in Business Logistics from the Pennsylvania State University. Upon receiving his degree in August 1998, Dave took a post as an assistant professor in AFIT's Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management. While at AFIT, he served as a teacher, consultant, research advisor, curriculum program manager, associate dean, and section squadron commander.

After retiring from the Air Force, Dave served as the Headmaster and acting-President of The Montfort Academy, a classical, Catholic high school in Westchester, NY. He remains a member of its Board of Advisors. He lives with his wife Elaine and their four children, Jack, Emily, Francesca, and Joseph.