Do you have an idea and the associated desire and skills to provide a needed service to a federal government agency, but lack sufficient knowledge of the federal acquisition process to market your services and engage in the process that can win you the opportunity to profit from your skills?

Perhaps we can help.

Because Integron's value proposition is founded on its core beliefs – integrity, excellence, and service to our customers, which are universal and highly valued – and on our intimate knowledge of the federal acquisition process, we can apply our management strengths to your situation. At Integron, we can help you find the opportunities available in the federal marketplace, prepare a responsive proposal to the solicitation, negotiate where necessary, and manage the contract after the award. This allows you to provide the very highest level of service in the business you know best and profit from your talents and hard work while we take care of the rest.

If you wish to explore the possibilities of transforming your experience, skills, and desires into a profitable business opportunity working with Integron, contact us at: